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Beautiful designs, Fast delivery, Easy to use. We create your business website as well as your in house custom software.

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At Novosoft we are on the cutting edge of technological trends. We constantly update and improve our workflow to make sure that you get the most out of the latest advancements in software development and modern design trends.
We actively participate in your project and help you achieve your vision. We work alongside your team to identify possible challenges and present appropriate solutions. We offer constructive suggestions and help you take your ideas form concept to production.

How We Stand Out?

We offer personalized service. Always attentive to your specific needs, and always available to our clients. You can rest assured knowing that your project is getting the dedicated care it deserves.

At Novosoft we pride ourselves in getting the job done quickly and efficiently while keeping our work to the highest standards.

We are always excited for new adventures, and love to take on new challenges. We enjoy the thrill of tackling new problems and watching your ideas unfold until a beautiful product emerges.




Are you looking to create a beautiful and unique website that does justice to your brand? or perhaps you want to upgrade your existing, cookie-cutter website that does not call attention to itself?... Look no further! Novosoft will design and create a stunning modern website with smooth transitions and eye-catching animations that will leave an immediate impression on your site visitors, and with blazing fast loading times, you won’t have to sacrifice efficiency for beauty.

Custom software for your business

You have exhausted all your options. You started out with excel sheets held together with duct tape , then you tried every over the counter solution. At the end, nothing works for you. Nothing fits your exact business needs. Let us at Novosoft help you. We will help you find solutions and guide you in creating your perfect business software. At Novosoft, we understand that while you want a great looking software, above all you want a permanent business solution that is easy to use. With state of the art security built in, you will be able to control your business at the click of a button.

App development

You have a new business idea, but you don’t know how to bring it to life. Enter Novosoft. With great experience in the field we will be able to guide you to a best-selling app, with both mobile and desktop support.


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